"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." - John 17:17

Calvary Baptist Tabernacle

337 Tilghman Road   Salisbury, Maryland 21804

Our Missionaries

Calvary Baptist Tabernacle currently supports numerous missionaries and mission organizations around the world.  Below you will find a list of these missionaries with links to their personal or organizational websites, if provided.

Dwight and Miriam Singer - Nigeria, Africa (Click here to visit their website)
Burt Williams - South Africa

Mike and Lenore Mislan - Philippines (Click here to visit their website)
Raymond Abou Mekhael - Lebanon, Middle East


Al and Helga Bonikowsky - Spain (Click here to visit their website)
Fred and Ruth Fueller - Germany (Click here to visit their website)
Eugenio Berruezo - Spain (Click here to visit his website)
Ron Milligan - Northern Ireland
Calvin Ritchie - England
Theo van Ryan - Netherlands

North America
David Gundrum - Pennsylvania (Click here to visit his website)
Bill Bradley - U.S. Military
Bob Cutting - Awana Clubs, U.S.
Ken Ream - Director, Bethel Baptist Mission
Ed Abbott III - Mexico
Ed Abbott IV - Mexico
David Abbott - Mexico
Timothy Abbott - Mexico
Tappan Horner - Mexico
Mark Lockhart - Mexico
Jesus Rameriez - Mexico
Noe Salazar - Mexico
Steve Brockell - Dominican Republic

South America
Benny and Wilma Cox - Brazil (Click here to visit their website)
Jeremy Lockhart - Brazil
Ron Milligan - Brazil
Mark Rubin - Chile